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What We Do

What We Do

Asian Action Talent makes great impact in the entertainment industry by representing our talents in supporting artist roles on films, TV series, commercial, music videos, short-films, promos and prints. We represent ACTRA and Non Union talents

About Us

Asian Action Talent was established in 1985. Building a reputation of top diverse resource of talents as we create long term successes for both our clients and talents. We are one of the reputable agency in GTA and surrounding area with the largest roster of Asian and Eurasian talents. We welcome talents of all ethics to join us to meet our high demand. 

Why We Are Different

Driven by passion, Asian Action Talent strive to deliver professional services that echoes your message for lasting impact. We work closely with each talent to ensure they can release their full potential that best represent themselves as unique individuals.



See yourself in these Feature Films and TV Series !!

  • Urgent Casting Female 45+ Cambodian / Nepalese looking

    Asian Action Talent about 50 days ago
  • Non Union - Limited opening for Pixels attack scene

    Asian Action Talent about 85 days ago
  • Casting - Female to be Featured on 3D Interactive Music Video

    Asian Action Talent about 90 days ago
  • Non-union male age 14-25, all ethnic

    Asian Action Talent about 99 days ago
  • Looking for non-union boys all ethic (look 12-16)

    Asian Action Talent about 101 days ago



Join Us

Joining Our Roster

If you think you have what it takes to become a professional supporting artist – Background(extras), if getting involved in the TV, Film and commercial industry is what right for you. Please contact us so we can add you on our roster. You must have a represented by a  talent agency in order to be booked. Simply fill out the form with your basic profile information and upload a recent photo. We will contact you for more information on how to register.

The agency holds meet-and-greets at select venues in Richmond Hill area. Background performers and their friends are invited to RSVP to our events. We do not maintain a permanent office space, which substantially reduces our overhead, and we pass the savings on to you.

It is a standard in the industry for non union members to pay a registration fee, your contract with us will renew annual. Our registration fee is $50 plus HST fro Full Active Talent.  We also has a category for Casual Talent with no annual fee. ACTRA members do not require to pay any fee. Our commission rates are charged  Flat Fee on daily basis for background work. We are looking  for  professional and reliable talents only, and in return we will provide our full professional support,  ensuring a great success. In order to be on our roster and receive bookings, you must complete the registration process.

Please read through our Fees section to ensure you understand how our commission rates works, then you may proceed on  filling in your basic profile information to start registering with us. Once the form has been filled, an Online Contract will be emailed to you, you must sign the form and pay the registration fee (if Full Talent status was your choice) in order to be on our Roster.

Please spend some time to read through our Resources pages to get familiar with common terms used int he industry and how bookings are created. Also guideline on the jobs. We want to ensure you are well prepared to show up each time as professional artist.

Our Fees



We are affiliated with Toronto’s top online casting database BG4hire.  This is an online casting database and search tool that connects entertainment industry professionals. BG4hire provides essential tools for search and communication for castings. For us at Asian Action Talent, all talents are booked through this online database. Please spend some time to read through their faq section to better understand their services.
Please sign up and enter Asian Action Talent as your agent.  Click below for more information.

bg4hire faq


At Asian Action Talent. We care about you. That is why we have a simple Flat Fee system counted by each day you worked. No complicated rules. We strongly believe in better utilizing our time to get you 'On Set'.

ACTRA / Apprentice

Active Talent (Non - Union)

Registration Fee

ACTRA member Do Not pay a registration fee.

Registration Fee

$50 (plus HST) Annual Fees.


 $20 Flat Fee Commission per day worked as Background, Stand-Ins.


$10 Flat Fee Commission per day worked as Background (Extras).


15%   Commission on all Commercials, Music Video, Short-Films and upgrades ..etc.


15% Commission on all Commercials, Music Video, Short-Films and upgrades ..etc.


20%   Commission on Prints (Magazines, Publications .. etc).


20% Commission on Prints (Magazines, Publications .. etc).


Casual Talent (Non Union)
All commission conditions same as ACTRA above which is $20 commission per day worked. This category is for talents with limited availability or just testing the water to ensure if acting is right for you. All contracts are for a period of 1 year and can be renewed with Full Active Talent status if you are ready to accept acting as professional.

How much do I make?
All background (extras) start @ $11.75 / hr with a minimum 8 hours guarantee pay (meaning if shooting is for 5 hours, you will still be paid for 8). If you work for 11 hours your salary will be $117.50 ($11.75  x 10, minus one hour lunch by law).

Pre-Registration Form


Health and safety awareness training mandatory for every worker in Ontario, including Performers, by July 1, 2014 — Ontario’s Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA).

The Ontario Government has mandated that every worker in Ontario undergo health and safety awareness training. This training ensures that both workers and employers understand their rights and obligations under the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act.

The online learning module – Worker Health and Safety Awareness in 4 Steps, takes 45 – 60 minutes to complete. Participants receive a “Proof of Completion” certificate upon completion of the online training. This certificate will be required for all work in Ontario.



The online training module does not track your progress. To get your certificate, you must complete the training in one sitting, PRINT THE CERTIFICATE BEFORE EXITING THE ONLINE TRAINING MODULE, and before closing your Internet browser.

YOU MUST BRING A HARD COPY OF THE CERTIFICATE EACH TIME UPON CHECKING IN. For an added security, please keep a copy of the certificate on your mobile phone in case you forget to bring it. (You can simply take a photo with your mobile device)


I’m Ready To Start Access Workbook in Other Languages


Drop us a line!

Contact us if you are interested in joining one of Toronto top Talent Agency. We are currently looking for Unique and Reliable individuals to add to our roster. Contact us for more information.